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Hampi Heritage Tour - History, Architecture & Monuments

On this engaging Hampi tour we will explore the rich history of Vijayanagara empire, learn about unique architecture of various monuments, hear stories of victories and defeat. This is a tour for all history lovers. If you are looking for a well researched tour of Hampi that covers all the important monuments then this one is highly recommended.

Ramayana Tour - Kishkindha Stories narrated by a local

Hampi and surrounding villages together are believed to be the Mythical Kingdom of Kishkinda mentioned in Ramayana. On this tour we will hear the story as it happened here in Kishkinda after Rama’s arrival, as we visit important sites associated with Ramayana. If you enjoy storytelling and are seeking a deeper spiritual connection, then this is a great tour for you! 

Mythical Landscape Tour

Come explore the awe-inspiring landscape of Hampi with us in fun and engaging ways as we ride on mopeds, hike to witness a stunning sunrise & cross the river on a coracle boat. A bonus local food experience!  This is a tour for those that have a thirst for adventure & love nature. 

Badami, Aihole & Pattadakal - Evolution of Temple Architecture

The town of Badami, the nearby villages of Aihole and Pattadakal in Malaprabha valley of central Karnataka, are celebrated for their magnificent rock-cut shrines and structural temples. These Hindu and Jain monuments are associated with the Early Chalukyas who reigned over this part of Deccan during 6th to 8th Centuries. Together these temples and shrines may be considered among the earliest, best preserved remnants of temple art in India.

Village Life Tour - Hampi through eyes of its people

On this Hampi Village Life Tour, we will embark on a journey of exploring & experiencing the local way of life in rural communities around the UNESCO world heritage site. There are around 29 village settlements within the protected core zone and people living in these communities are an essential part of the cultural heritage of Hampi. The traditions, festivals, social life of people here is deeply intertwined with their shared heritage and the landscape. This is why Hampi is often referred to as a living heritage site.