Hampi Private Tours

For the best and most comprehensive tours of Hampi, choose one of our Hampi private day tours. On these tours you will get undivided attention of our most qualified experts. 

Choose tours with a focus on Heritage, Mythology, Local Culture, Adventure or Wildlife. 

Featured Private Tours
  • Hear the origin story of Hampi & How the city came to be
  • How did the Kings built such a large city in the medieval times and why here?
  • Get unique perspective on social life of city inhabitants during 14th to 16th century
  • Learn about festivals they celebrated and rituals practices
  • Explore important monuments of Hampi and learn about each ones function
  • Optional Add-on: Sunset and dinner with a local family
  • Tour conducted by local from the village community
  • Meet a farmer & ride a bullock cart with him as we engage in conversations
  • Visit the community temple of goddess Durga and participate in the Pooja ceremony
  • Meet women who work at a local Handicraft center & learn how it impacts thier lives
  • Visit a local family and enjoy a home cooked meal with them
  • Walk through a charming village and get glimpse into daily lives of locals
  • Learn about local traditions and listen to local folklore stories
  • Tour conducted by a local from the village community
  • Visit the Kodanda Rama Temple, learn of its significance and participate in a special temple ritual
  • Visit Malyavanta hill and temple, participate in Ram Bhajan here
  • See the Madhuvana and learn what happened here when Hanuman came here
  • Visit Chintamani ghats and learn its connection to Ramayana. Meditate in a sacred space where Rama set foot
  • Learn about Vali and his brother Sugreeva
  • Visit Vali Gufa, Pampa Sarovar and learn their connection to Ramayana
  • Get a beautiful view of Kishkinda valley from a vantage point above a hill
  • Includes pickup and drop from your hotel in A/C car
  • Climb up the one of the tallest hills in Hampi for a beautiful sunrise and stunning views
  • Learn about the unique geology of the boulder hills
  • Explore hidden relief sculptures on the riverside by navigating through boulders
  • Enjoy a coracle boat ride over the tungabhadra river
  • Explore rural countryside on mopeds, visit lakes and quaint villages on the way
  • Enjoy sumptuous breakfast with local specialities
  • A must visit for connoisseurs of Architecture
  • Witness the unique blend of multiple styles of Temple Art at one location
  • Learn about the Chalukya Dynasty
  • View exquisite rock-cut sculptures
  • Learn about the Mythology and History associated with Hampi
  • Experience the daily life in a Heritage Village
  • Listen to Folklore narrated by a local
  • Enjoy a traditional home-cooked Lunch
  • Experience the Biodiversity of Hampi
  • Engage on a Bird-spotting Walking Tour
  • Explore Hampi's Avian Kingdom accompanied by an expert Naturalist
  • Enjoy a delicious Breakfast on the way
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