Badami, Aihole & Pattadakal

Evolution of Temple Architecture from Cave Shrines to Structural Temples

Pattadakal became, along with nearby Aihole and Badami, a major cultural center and religious site for innovations in architecture and experimentation of ideas. On this day excursion we explore these three sites.

The town of Badami, the nearby villages of Aihole and Pattadakal in Malaprabha valley of central Karnataka, are celebrated for their magnificent rock-cut shrines and structural temples. These Hindu and Jain monuments are associated with the Early Chalukyas who reigned over this part of Deccan during 6th – 8th Centuries. Together these temples and shrines may be considered among the earliest, best preserved remnants of temple art in India.

On this day tour, we will get a glimpse of magnificent group of monuments in the Malaprabha valley, which stretches some 25 Kilometers along the Malaprabha river flowing in a northeasterly direction. Temple architecture in Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal is characterized by a remarkable variety of styles and construction techniques. This high concentration of multiple styles within confines of a limited zone like Malaprabha valley is to be found nowhere else in India. The Early Chalukya monuments bridge the transition from rock-cut excavation to free standing construction. Construction began with cave temples at Badami and Aihole built in mid 6th Century CE with large scale sculptural compositions on the walls and monolithic columns. Then moved to dravidian style structural temples in first half of 7th Century. The earliest example of dravidian style structural temple in all of South India is found in Aihole built in 634 CE. Though the dravidian style was a Early Chalukya invention it eventually spread across all of South India and since then got influenced by Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Gangas and Vijayanagara styles. Pattadakal is a unique meeting place of distinctive Dravida and Nagara building traditions of Southern and Northern India respectively. Not only are these discrete styles represented in temples built side by side, attributes of both these styles even came to be incorporated within individual monuments, resulting in a unique hybrid style.

  • Learn how Indian Temple architecture evolved from the rock-cut caves to free standing structural temples between 6th and 8th Century CE
  • Witness the various architecture styles that were explored and experimentations that resulted in development of two distinct styles of North and South India. 
  • Learn how to distinguish between different temple architecture styles.
  • See exquisite larger than life sculptures on the walls of rock-cut caves in Badami 
  • Hear stories from Mahabharata and various Indian Puranas as envisioned and expressed on the walls of these temples by artisans 
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By default we haven't included transportation in this tour. This is because we want to give travellers the flexibility to use their own transportation. For those of you who want us to arrange transportation you can choose one of the following during your booking process and we will send your a quote for local transportation as well. 

  • A/C Sedan Car with capacity for 3 persons (Plus driver & Guide)
  • A/C SUV Car with capacity of 5 persons (plus driver & Guide) 
  • A/C Traveller with capacity for 9 persons (plus driver & Guide) 


  • An expert english speaking tour lead.
  • [Optional Add-on] Local Transportation - A Chauffeur driven air conditioned car or vehicle depending on the option chosen by you 


  • We do not provide bottled drinking water to avoid single-use plastics on our tours. Please carry a water bottle or buy one on the way.
  • Entry fee to monuments is NOT included in the price. We do this so as to keep the price same for foreign and Indian nationals
  • Lunch is not included on this tour. We will recommend you a good place and take you there


  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes. Wear clothing that would cover your chest and shoulders. Wear bottoms that would cover up to your knees.
  • A cap or an umbrella to keep the sun out.
  • Sunglasses 
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Per Kid (Age 5 to 9) 200
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