Goa to Hampi – Everything You Need To Know

Reliable information on how to plan your trip to Hampi from Goa

This is an extremely popular route for most international travellers to visit Hampi. In fact, it was the backpackers & hippies of Goa that discovered the charm of Hampi and help put it on the world tourism map. Many travellers hear about Hampi for the first time when they are in Goa from fellow travellers and then decide to visit. Travelling to Hampi can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. This article will give you all the information needed to plan and execute your trip to Hampi from Goa.

How to get from GOA to Hampi (and back)?

BY TRAIN: This in our opinion is the best and most convenient way. There are day time trains leaving Madgaon station in central Goa and take 7.5 hours to reach Hosapete station. You will have to book your ticket well in advance especially if you are looking to travel on weekends during the peak season (November to January). You can check the availability and book your train ticket online on the Indian Railways Website or OTA Travel Sites. Alternatively, you can get any ticketing agent in Goa to help you with the booking.

For latest schedules for Goa to Hampi: https://indiarailinfo.com/search/511/0/506

For latest schedules for Hampi to Goa: https://indiarailinfo.com/search/506/0/511

BY BUS: Several state-run and private buses depart every day from Goa to Hampi. Check the table below for information on the bus timings. You can check availability and book your buses  online on the State Road Transport Website or private sites like Redbus or MakeMyTrip. Alternatively you can get any ticketing agent in Goa to help you with the booking.

goa to hampi bus listing
Goa to Hampi Daily Bus Timings
goa to hampi bus listing
Hampi to Goa Daily Bus Timings

BY PRIVATE CAR: You can also hire a private car with a driver to take you to Hampi from Goa. This is the most expensive option of all but it is also the most flexible. You have full control over the decision on what time to arrive and depart from the destination, you also have freedom to make changes to the plan if needed. 

At Explore Hampi we also offer our guests an option for pickup from Bangalore or any other cities. Submit an inquiry on one of our itineraries and choose pickup options from Bengaluru, we will send you a detailed quote. 

BY SELF DRIVE IN A CAR: This is an option of choice for many families and groups of friends travelling together.  The total driving timing from Goa to Hampi is between 8 to 10 hours, depending on which part of Goa you are starting from. 

You can take a diversion and use Badami as a convenient overnight stopover. Next morning you could engage our Badami, Aihole & Pattadakal heritage Tour   and drive to Hampi by late evening. 

If you don’t want to stop over and drive in one go from Goa to Hampi through Hubli. 


We have more detailed articles on things to do, accommodation recommendations and a travel guide for Hampi.  Please go through these in details. 



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