Our trips are curated mainly to spark an interest in India’s rich past, as we go beyond the usual sightseeing tours with engaging experiences. Experiences that make learning about Heritage fun and engaging. Take for instance Become an archaeologist for a day or The Great Hampi Scavenger Hunt. Our trips are run in a socially responsible manner by involving local communities and providing them with earning opportunities. Experiences like the Village Life Tour or the Ramayana Stories gives opportunity for participants to learn new art forms, understand rural livelihoods and get exposure to unique cultures. We also run our trip in an ecologically sensitive manner and educate the participants about local ecology, flora and fauna. Through experiences like the Mythical Sunrise Hike, Birding Tour, Sloth Bear Sanctuary they learn about river ecosystems, geology and its connection to people. 


Become an Archaeologist for a day

Participate in a mock excavation of a site in an organised way under expert guidance and learn how to interpret History

- Learn the process involved in excavation and documentation of a site

- Work in different roles at the site like surveyors, documentation lead, conservation lead, excavators

- Engage in group discussions lead by a facilitator to analyze findings

- Interpret history from available evidence and present it in front of rest of the class in creative ways

Heritage Scavenger Hunt

We are making learning about heritage fun through this scavenger hunt activty

- Work in teams and compete against other teams to win this hunt

- Find clues, Solve puzzles and Complete tasks

- As a result learn about the design and layout of the citadel

- Learn about social lives of its medieval citizens

- Identify iconography used in bas-relief sculptures made on stone

Mythical Sunrise Hike

Embark on an adventure hike to explore the stunning landscapes of Hampi

- Hike up a hill early morning to catch a stunning sunrise

- Learn about the unique geology of the landscape

- Explore the riverside boulder hill and discover hidden sculptures

Village Life Tour

Go on fun filled immersive experience of life in village communities around Hampi

- Fun ride on a tractor through the rural countryside and learning about local farming

- Meet inspiring women who make and sell handicrafts from naturally available materials

- Sit down for a workshop to learn how to make handicrafts from banana fiber

- Enjoy a sumptuous home cooked meal prepared and served by villagers, food is organic and local sourced

Sloth Bear Sanctuary & Wildlife Interpretation

Visit the Daroji sloth bear sanctuary & wildlife interpretation center

- Learn about the local flora and fauna

- Spot sloth wild sloth bears

- Learn about the conservation efforts at the sanctuary and its role in reviving the entire ecosystem

Ramayana Stories

Hampi and surrounding villages are beileved to the "Kishkindha" region mentioned in the Ramayana

- Hear stories from Ramayana narrated as it happened here in Kishkindha

- See a music, dance & theatre performance by the Veshegaar community

- Support an endangered art-form and way of life of the Veshegaar community

Raya's Trail

Follow in the footsteps of the Vijayanagara Kings through the royal citadel

- Hear stories of Krishnadevaraya

- Visit important monuments from the Royal urban core

- Learn about the festivals celebrated here and social lives of its citizens

Evolution of temple architecture - Badami Caves, Aihole & Pattadakkal

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal are celebrated for their magnificent rock-cut shrines and structural temples

- Learn about 2000 years of evolution in temple architecture

- Understand the difference between Dravidian and Nagara styles

- Hear stories from myth and puranas as we appreciate stunning life size pieces of art over 1500 years old!

Hampi by the River

Visit important sites along the southern bank of Tungabhadra river in the sacred area of the UNESCO world heritage site

- See the stone chariot featured on 50 rupee note & the musical pillars of vittala temple

- Hear founding story of Vijayanagara empire and origin of the word "Hampi"

- Learn about Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa, their pivotal role in shaping society

Birds of Hampi

Go on a early morning birding tour through wetlands led by experts

- Learn how to identify and document birds

- Understand the role of birds in the ecosystem

- Enjoy beautiful scenery of the landscape as we trek to spot birds

Yoga & Guided Meditation

Guided Yoga session in the open

- Understand yoga's connection to Hampi

- Basic asanas for upkeep of body

- Breath practices like pranayama

- Guided meditation session



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