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The Explore Hampi Story

Our Story

We believe that travel experiences can be transformational. It can breaks preconceived notions we have, teach us values like empathy, allow us to appreciate uniqueness of cultures and often push us out of our comfort zones, creating opportunities for personal growth. 

We wanted to create a community based tourism venture that would curate these kinds of travel experiences. So in 2013 we founded Explore Hampi, with a vision to serve not just the visitors coming to Hampi but also the local communities who are important stakeholders in its development.  We started off by curating well researched tours focussed on the History, Architecture & Cultural Heritage of Hampi. Since then every year we have introduced new tours focussing on different aspect of Hampi as a destination such as Mythological Connections of Hampi, Wildlife & Birding, Prehistory of Hampi. 

In 2016 we introduced our first 4 day educational experience – The Young Archaeologist Program. This was designed to sow seeds of curiosity and a sense of wonder for the past, amongst the young participants.  All of our educational experiences are curated to achieve specific learning outcomes and are designed to supplement the academic curriculum. 

Since the very first day of our operation, we have strived to create travel experiences that have meaningful impact.  As we make strides into the future this will continue to shape everything we do.   

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Years of Experience in heritage tourism

At the heart of Explore Hampi are its two founding members – Basava & Arjun. Basava is a native of Hampi, his strong connections to the community lends us credibility and local expertise.  Arjun is a heritage tourism professional with experience of curating tours all over South India. Both of them have worked in heritage tourism separately for many years before joining hands together to start Explore Hampi. 

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locals get livelihood opportunities

Through our work we bring the benefits of tourism to the local community by providing direct livelihood opportunities. Everyone from our expert tour leads, operations team to home cooks that prepare food for our guests come from the local community. We employ farmers, shepherds, labour, folk artists, craftswomen, musicians, dancers, all from the local community. 

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of users give us 5 star reviews

All our guiding & service staff have been trained to tailor the programs to specific needs of the travellers. We also provide timely and professional service. Which is why an overwhelming majority of our customers rate us highly on Tripadvisor & other independent review sites.

waste generated on our tours

All our tours generate zero waste since 2019. No usage of single use plastics on our tours, everything else we recycle and reuse. All our vendors and partners follow these. We think it is important for travellers to have an option that minimises negative impacts of travel on the local population and ecosystems. 

Our Services

Private Day Tours

  • Private tours can be booked by a solo traveller or a small group travelling together. Tour timings can be adjusted based on your convenience. 
  • There will be no other travellers joining you on these tours, it will be just you. 
  • They are available throughout the year and can be booked on any dates as per your convenience. 
  • Some of them come with optional add-ons that would enhance your experience, like a home cooked meal or sunset experience.
  • They are available with or without transportation provided by us, this way you can use own transportation too if needed.


  • These are multi-day packages of Hampi, curated by our experts  keeping different kinds of travellers in mind. 
  • They include handpicked private tours, pickup/drop facilities, local transportation & tasteful accommodation. 
  • They can be booked throughout the year
  • They are flexible & customisable based on your needs & interests. 

Group Tours

  • These are specialised tours where you can join fellow travellers on a thematic tour of Hampi. 
  • They are available on fixed dates only, which will be announced ahead of time. Current schedule can be seen here. 
  • The start time and stop time are fixed, everyone participating has to adhere to the timings.

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Educational Tours

  • These are specialised tours designed to supplement learning for school children or young adults. 
  • These are fully customisable based on the desired learning goals. Our experts will work with you to craft something specific based on your requirements.  The program can vary between 2 to 5 days in length.
  • We provide all services including transportation (By Bus), accommodation, meals, activities & tours. 
  • We assign an facilitator who conducts the entire program. Subject matter experts join us to conduct different sessions like Naturalists, Folk Artists, Archaeologists, Heritage experts.  
  • Study and Notes material can also be provided on request.

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