Mango Tree Hampi – The most beloved restaurant of Hampi

Most popular local restaurant of Hampi

This family run small eatery has attained somewhat of a cult status in Hampi. Its original location on the riverside under a Mango groove gave it the name “Mango Tree Restaurant”.  While the location of the restaurant was the main draw, the quality of food made patrons keep coming back. Hampi then was put under “threatened” status of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, indicating that the heritage site was under threat of commercial overrun. Reacting to this the district administration went on a demolishing spree, one of the place that was affected was the original Mango Tree Restaurant. 

Today Mango Tree Restaurant runs on a parallel lane to the Virupaksha Temple bazaar street at the Janata Plot. All these years later they have still maintained quality of their food. The food offered has evolved to include Pizzas, Pastas, noodles, fried rice, fresh fruit juices, sandwiches and a variety of Indian dishes. Their most popular item on the menu is their vegetarian thali, it is what draws people to the restaurant. While many other restaurants have cropped up in Hampi to compete with Mango Tree Restaurant, they continue to maintain their lead as the most the most popular one in Hampi. As far as we can tell the reason is consistency in quality of food. So on your next visit to Hampi do go indulge yourself.


How to get there

Address: Mango Tree Restaurant, Janata Plot, Hampi Bazaar
Opening Hours: 7.00 AM to 9.30 PM [Monday to Sunday]

Want to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal instead?

Local Food

For those of you that are looking for an authentic local food experience instead of a restaurant meal then we have something special for you. Through our community outreach program we can arrange a local family to host you at their home, for a home cooked meal. This way you get to try authentic local food cooked with care and love. And members of local community have an additional source of income. We choose families we work with very carefully, bottled drinking water, hygiene and freshly sourced organic ingredients are used.  Meals are pure vegetarian, a variety of legumes, fresh vegetables, rice, curries, pickles, indian bread, papad, holige (sweet), curd is served on a banana leaf. 

Below 4 tours have authentic home cooked meal either as part of the plan or as an optional add-on.  

Arjun Bhat
Arjun Bhat
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