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Listed on this page are our short duration walking tours.  These tours are perfect if you have limited time or budget but still want to see Hampi in an authentic manner.  All tours are led by experts fluent in English. The content is thoroughly researched and engaging like our private tours.

As of today we are launching two walking tours with different themes. The first one titled “The Story of Hampi” primarily focuses on setting up background and context that will allow you to explore Hampi further on your own or with us. You will learn what makes Hampi unique? How did it get its name?  Why did the kings build a grand medieval capital city here? What is its connection to Mythology and Ancient texts? The second one titled “Unique Architecture of Hampi” focuses more on the temple architecture of Hampi which earned it the UNESCO world heritage site tag. How is the architecture unique? Where did the raw materials come from? Why build so many temples? What was life like within the temple complexes and the township around them?

Open the tour pages listed below for more information and fill out the enquiry form for registration.

Tours running every Saturday & Sunday

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