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Art Tours

There are several art forms that are unique to this region and are based in local communities.  In some of the tours listed here we have showcased local art made from banana fiber and water hyacinth.  We pledge to you that this is not a scam forcing you to buy local art, there is no such expectation at all. We are taking you to a handicraft center run by the women folk of a village. This is not a retail showroom, you will be meeting the artists and seeing them at work.  If you wish to buy something then you sure can, but there is no expectation. We include this in our tours so the traveller learns more about this art form, if the traveller buys something it directly benefits the local community.

There are several more art forms that we could showcase if we have a large enough group, see the section at bottom for more information on that. If you are interested in some of the other art forms listed at the bottom, then please contact us directly through email

9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Other Art Forms

  • Veshegaars

    Veshegaars is a community that would traditionally make their living as performers in elaborate home-made costumes. Today they find it difficult to sustain life through their art, so they take up other jobs. We can arrange a theatre performance of tales from Ramayana or other Mythologies.
  • Makkala Kuta

    Village children have formed a dance & music performance group. The group was formed one day when children began to dance spontaneously to live flute music by the river side in their village. Today they perform in local festivals, the earnings goes towards supporting their education.
  • Lambani Jewellery

    Lambani tribe were traditionally Banjaras or Gypsies from Rajasthan who migrated south. Today many of them have settled down but still preserve aspects of their culture through art, cuisine and traditions. They are famous for their tribal jewellery. We can arrange a workshop for you to learn more and get hands on with making some yourself.
  • Carnatic Music

    We can also arrange a private live concert of classical carnatic music for your group. The setting will be stunning outdoors, by the river side or in a cave.
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