Another Stunning Aerial Video of Hampi

Another stunning aerial video shot using a DJI Phantom drone. Covers several areas including Matunga Hill, Vittala Temple, Krishna Bazaar Kalyani and Koti Lingam.

Earlier this year, we shared an aerial video giving you a spectacular bird’s eye view of Hampi. We’ve seen an increase in the use of drones to capture stunning visuals of historic places in the past few months. Drones give a unique perspective that cannot be beaten. In this post, we bring you another stunning aerial video of Hampi in all its glory.

Sabrina Herrmann and Francis Markert are two wanderlust travellers who recently visited Hampi with their DJI Phantom drone. They were able to capture some great shots and compile them into a neat video.  To follow more of their adventures please visit their blog


The video features several important monuments and areas in Hampi. Look out for Vittala Temple, Kalyani (Step tank) at Krishna Temple Bazaar,  Koti Lingam Island, Achutaraya Temple, and Matunga Hill.


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By Arjun Bhat

Travel Entrepreneur who works on curating immersive local experiences of South India. TEDx Speaker. Yoga & Meditation.