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People of Hampi : Holy Men

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Photo by  Arjun Bhat

Inspired by Humans of New York we are launching a new blog series titled “People of Hampi”.  We want to tell stories of Hampi’s inhabitants using photographs.  If you’d like to contribute to this blog series please write to explorehampi@gmail.com along with a picture and description, we will add a credit to the photographer in every picture.  

“After an exhaustive day of sightseeing all over Hampi, we reached Malyavantha Raghunath temple.  So far in the day luck wasn’t with me, I hadn’t captured anything good on my camera, and then it happened.  This holy man dressed in flowing saffron dhoti, turban & shawl walked past the main entrance smiling at me, and I clicked!” –  Arjun Bhat