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DURATION : 5+ Hours
START POINT : Gagan Mahal, Anegundi Village
PRICE : INR 2,500 per person
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  • Duration: 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM
  • Start Point: Gagan Mahal, Anegundi Village
  • Price: INR 2200 to 3000 per person


On this Hampi Cultural Tour we will explore the cultural aspects of life around the UNESCO world heritage site. If you are looking for an experience that is unique and local then this is it. This tour will give you a glimpse of the life in village settlements around Hampi and an opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscapes. We will ride on mopeds (optional), bullock cart and auto rickshaws as we explore villages, the rural countryside, farms, irrigation canals and ancient cave paintings. We will visit local tea shop, women’s handicraft organisation, village schools and temples. We will also enjoy a sumptuous home cooked meal at a beautiful picnic location. 

Hampi is often called a living heritage, this is because of some 29 villages settlements that are part of the UNESCO world heritage site. People living in these settlements are an essential part of the site and anything rooted by these local communities add to the cultural significance of the place. Even though the city of Vijayanagara was never established again after the fall of the empire in mid 16th century there continued to be human settlements practicing agriculture as a source of livelihood. Hampi also has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of devout Hindus, the area is believed to be Kishkindha mentioned in the epic Ramayana. There have been human settlements here for more than 5000 years evident by the abundant cave painting all over the boulder hills of Hampi. The water of river Tungabhadra has blessed this region, several species of birds and animals thrive here. The area also has the most unique and awe-inspiring landscape anywhere in the world with big boulder hills cut through by river and canals, spread between paddy fields, sugarcane fields and banana plantations.


  • Tours conducted by locals rooted in the community

  • Enjoy the stunning landscapes of the countryside as you travel on a bullock cart, coracle boat* & mopeds*
  •  Engage in conversation with locals

  • See ancient cave paintings


The price indicated in the header above is starting price, for detailed price please refer to table below.

2 to 3 INR 3,000
4 to 5INR 2,500
6 to 8INR 2,200

For children below age of 12 we offer a discounted price, for more information on this mention the number of children and their respective ages in the enquiry form.


Start Location and Time: Gagan Mahal, Anegundi Village @ 9.00 AM or Shanti Guest House, Virupapura Gaddi @ 9.00 AM

The Hampi Cultural tour starts at 9.00 AM. The tour is supposed to end around 2.30 PM after the picnic lunch, however if you have taken add-on option of mopeds then you can explore further on you own till 5.00 PM. The tour itinerary cannot be mentioned in a chronological manner here because it changes from time to time.  But we will cover all the places and do all the activities as mentioned.

End Location and Time: Gagan Mahal, Anegundi Village or Shanti Guest House, Virupapura Gaddi.  The end time is flexible based on optional add-ons you choose.

Optional Add-ons

Moped is a light motorcycle (engine power below 60cc). There are several tens of kilometers of rural roads winding between lakes, villages, hillocks and farms near Hampi.  One of the best ways to explore this area is on Mopeds.  If you have no prior experience riding a moped it is not a problem, one can get the hang of it within 10 -15 minutes of riding.  It is one of the favorite pastimes and adventures that you can engage in Hampi.  You don’t get a chance everyday to ride a motorcycle through some of the most awe inspiring landscapes in the world, so we encourage you to try it.  We will be providing fuel worth INR 200 along with the mopeds. We will also give you the rundown of the best routes and hidden gems that only locals would know to make your experience that much more special

We will be visiting the riverside area in Anegundi village, here we have an opportunity to take a coracle boat ride on the Tungabhadra rive

Frequently asked Questions

These are default inclusions on the tour

  • Some light refreshments like coconut water and bottled drinking water is included 
  • An expert english speaking guide 
  • Transportation - During the Tour in Autorickshaws. 
  • Picnic Lunch - Home cooked vegetarian meal served on a banana leaf
  • Bullock Cart ride through the country side
  • OPTIONAL - 1 Moped shared by 2 people if you opt for mopeds add-on. 
  • OPTIONAL - Coracle boat ride on Tungabhadra river if you opt for the coracle boat add-on
  • Pickup and Drop from your Hotel is not included. If you need assistance we will help you with this. 
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes. Wear clothing that would cover your chest and shoulders. Wear bottoms that would cover up to your knees.
  • A cap or an umbrella to keep the sun out.
  • Sunglasses 
  1. Submit an enquiry by clicking on the button and providing us your details. Choose appropriate add-ons if applicable. 
  2. We will get back to you via email with payment options [Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal] and an invoice
  3. On completion of payment we will send you the final confirmation of the tour

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